Lamborghini Urus

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By Sameer Shah Lamborghini is known for its high performance razor sharp sports cars. A company known for its rich heritage and glorious past has produced powerful beasts like Diablo, Countach, Murcielago, Aventador and Huracan. The company now enters a … Continued

Upcoming Auto Auctions

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July 20-22, 2018 Silverstone Classics Silverstone Racing Circuit The Forge, Harwoods House, Banbury Road Ashorne, Warwick , UK CV35 0AA August 2-4, 2018 Mecum Harrisburg Auction Harrisburg, PA Sponsored by Mecum Auctions August 15-17, 2018 Rick Cole Monterey Auction Marriott … Continued

2018 Geneva Auto Show

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Ferrari, McLaren Lead New Supercar Parade At Geneva Show GENEVA, Switzerland – As European car buyers and politicians obsessed about diesels and battery cars, the industry put on a brave front unveiling some amazing new supercars at the annual Geneva … Continued

What is a Hypercar?

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What is a Hypercar? Hyper cars are top of the line supercars that are the absolute finest in most, if not all, of the elements of standard supercar. These elements include, but not limited to, acceleration, price, rarity, top speed, … Continued

Koenigsegg Regera

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By Sameer Shah In Swedish, “Regera” means “to reign,” and with 1500+ hp and a price of around $1.9 million, the Regera is truly a member of hypercar royalty. It’s a plug-in hybrid that uses a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V-8 and … Continued

Weismann History

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WIESMANN By – Sameer Shah Wiesmann GmbH was a German automobile manufacturer that specialized in hand-built custom convertibles. The company, which had its factory in Dülmen, was founded by brothers; engineer Martin Wiesmann and businessman Friedhelm Wiesmann, in 1988. The … Continued

Tesla History

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Tesla By – Sameer Shah Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products. Tesla Motors is a public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA. In the first quarter of 2013, Tesla posted profits … Continued

W Motors History

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W Motors By – Sameer Shah W Motors is a Dubai-based car company, established originally in Beirut, Lebanon in 2012 by Ralph R. Debbas. W Motors was the first Lebanese manufacturer of sports cars, and is the first Middle-East-based manufacturer … Continued