Rolls Royce Serenity

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By Mike Weber

Of all the exotic car makes that I have grown to love over the years, the one that sounds out the most for me personally is Rolls Royce. Although I’ve driven just one in my 30 plus year career as a journalist, the look and the comfort of Rolls Royce has given me butterflies every time I’ve seen one either at a show or in one of the many magazines I’ve subscribed to over the years.
I saw my first Rolls Royce in the streets of Seattle while courting my first wife in the late 1970’s as it was driving down 1st Avenue towards the Kingdome. Maybe on the way to the ballpark or one of the theaters in Seattle’s Pioneer District.
My love of the brand increased even more after I started Exotic Cars Magazine as an online publication way back in 2001 while I was a local newspaper editor in Iowa.
Then I really began going to car shows, attending such events as Autorama in Rock Island, Illinois and Des Moines while going to numerous cruise-ins and local car shows throughout Iowa and Illinois.
Each time Rolls Royce came out with a new model, I featured it on the online site, almost purchasing an early 1960s model in 2004 from a dealer in Michigan.
Since then, I’ve been working towards getting a new Rolls and finally the brand has come out with the model I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Just introduced this year, the Rolls Royce Serenity is all I’ve come to know and expect from the manufacturer both inside and out, from its famous grille to the silk interior.
I mean, seriously, SILK? Now that is an upgrade over the usual leather and mahogany featured on all Rolls Royce models since the brand was first launched in 1906 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.
To line each car in silk takes an entire roll of the stuff that the manufacturer imports from Suzhou its factory in Sessex, England.
After 2 days of hand weaving into 10 square meters of fabric, the silk is shipped to London, where the intricate blossom motif is painted on in a detailed process that takes 600 hours to complete.
Besides the silk, the interior also features rare Smoked Cherrywood that’s used for the rear seat valances plus Arctic White Leather that’s used on the front seats.
Other places that Smoked Cherrywood is used include the dashboard, rear console and doors, but it’s also complemented by bamboo inlay touches.

Another ultra high-end feature is the Mother of Pearl the manufacturer uses in detail areas such as the driver’s instrument dials and faces of the clock.
The car’s exterior Mother of Pearl paint job is the most expensive one-off paint Rolls Royce has ever conceived, and is applied in a three-stage pearl effect and then polished for 12 hours to produce a stunning outer body sheen.
As for power, the Serenity comes equipped with the usual V12 Rolls power plant mated to an 8 speed transmission.
Regarding price, Rolls Royce hasn’t announced one yet, but expect it to quite a bit higher than the Phantom.
Especially with all that silk!